Have you ever heard any of Tarkan’s songs? If yes, you have an idea what type of music rules in Turkish radio stations. If not, that means you haven’t been to a party since 1996 and you need to seriously think about your life.

Hereby, I would like to announce that Turkish artists are capable of creating something else than pop music. Let the rock band Duman serve as an example.

The biggest name on Turkish musical scene  remains Neşet Ertaş, a bard, a poet, a legend. It seems that every encountered Turkish person loves his music.

How about that – a  single-handed orchestra! Turkey has an incredible variety of national instruments and this gentleman here offers us an overview. Enjoy!

And here is what Turkish radio stations, Turkish bars, Turkish streets, Turkish petrol stations and generally all places in Turkey play. Know this and you know all Turkish pop. Please, don’t judge me.

Let’s rest our ears a bit and have a peaceful and inspirational moment with Kervan City.

How do you like Turkish music and which genre is your favourite?

Make sure to share your musical discoveries with me!

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