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Kilometr 32 924: on Carol Beer, platform 9 3/4 and fireflies

I like lights. Lights are nice. I can’t be in Kuala Lumpur and not see my lights. – Justyna and Marek came to visit us and barely had they landed, she wanted to rush to the mesmerizingly illuminated  Petronas towers immediately. I went a bit further in the interpretation of her “light” wishes.

petronas towers

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Kilometr 32 382: the Asian sick story

Well, I got my share of luck. Having fallen victim to two gentlemen on a motorcycle, I’m sitting in Melaka two months longer than originally planned, persuading my collarbone to grow back faster after the mentioned gentlemen pushed me off the bike, tempted by a very low-profile, rag backpack that in no way indicated its contents, while carrying half of the electronic devices we used to possess.

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Georgia in headphones: 5 ways to cope with autumn

It’s here. This is the moment when you get less excited about your pumpkin ginger soup and the mushroom risotto. The chestnuts that you found are getting covered with dust and the neighbour’s dog took the charm away from the colourful pile of leaves.

Soon you’ll be scraping frost off your car, coming home from work without seeing the sun for the whole day… Braise yourselves. Autumn has come.

How do you cope with it? I know one way: the mountains! If not actively, than at least aurally 🙂

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Kilometer 31 120: Angkor Wat aka how to become Indiana Jones for a day

Don’t go to Siem Reap! The entrance fee to Angkor Wat has gone up, the temples are just temples, the city flooded with tourists… You’re better off staying longer on the island. – The hotel manager was obviously pleased with our work, but why resort to such arguments?

I haven’t met anyone who wouldn’t want to visit Angkor Wat. It’s about the same league as the Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu. Is it touristy? Oh, it sure is! But no one really hopes that by going there, they will become the new Indiana Jones and land on the National Geographic cover, do they?

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Kilometer 30 967: a depressive journey to a depressive capital

Hitchhiking in the back of a pick-up car.

Wind in your hair, panoramic views, environmentally friendly air con. A feeling almost as good as galloping on a horse back…

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Kilometer 30 647: on tattoos, plankton and the Berlin Love Parade

Theany, the smiling captain of the resort boat, rolled up his sleeves to reveal the home-made tattoos. On the left forearm: Sory mama, sory papa, and on the right one – the name of the hotel for which he works. A few months earlier, one of the construction guys had left his tattoo machine in the resort, and it quickly became a very popular toy. Holding back the giggle, I thought to myself that tattooing a girl’s name was not the worst idea afterall

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Kilometer 30 385: on the burdens of a bartender in tropics

I need a holiday from my holiday.

In the recent weeks, I began to observe a slowly but steadily growing reluctance to explore, directly proportional to the desire to stay in one place for a while, catch up with some TV series, work for more than two days in a row…

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Kilometer 30 126: on otters, waterfalls and silkworms in Dalat

Good that it’s starting to rain, because the waterfalls will be even prettier! – Hania exclaimed in her very own naturally optimistic way. The weather heard and responded: “Oh, just wait to see how pretty I can make the waterfalls for you!”. And it poured.

The rainstorm and the river are my brotheeeers

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Kilometer 29 624: on the highlights and obstacles of backpacking in Vietnam

Vietnam is at the same time an easy and a difficult destination for backpackers.

Why difficult? Because the omnipresence of the motorbikes makes it difficult to hitchhike (although in theory I know we could both fit with our backpacks on a motorcycle with the driver, his family and several cats, I preferred not to try…). Because every piece of free land is used for growing rice, which likes its soil wet wet wet, ergo, making it unsuitable for camping.

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Kilometer 28 882: the private life of motorbikes

The fertile land of the Mekong Delta. Every morning hundreds of individuals crawl out from their burrows. Slowly, but with great determination, they head for places of their daily encounters. Some of them tiny, two-wheeled, others powerful, gladly using their engine whirrs to intimidate the neighbourhood. All are driven by the will to fight. The vehicle that lives through the first weeks in the urban jungle has the potential to cope in the future. Only the fit will survive.

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