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Kilometer 30 647: on tattoos, plankton and the Berlin Love Parade

Theany, the smiling captain of the resort boat, rolled up his sleeves to reveal the home-made tattoos. On the left forearm: Sory mama, sory papa, and on the right one – the name of the hotel for which he works. A few months earlier, one of the construction guys had left his tattoo machine in the resort, and it quickly became a very popular toy. Holding back the giggle, I thought to myself that tattooing a girl’s name was not the worst idea afterall

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Kilometer 30 385: on the burdens of a bartender in tropics

I need a holiday from my holiday.

In the recent weeks, I began to observe a slowly but steadily growing reluctance to explore, directly proportional to the desire to stay in one place for a while, catch up with some TV series, work for more than two days in a row…

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Kilometer 30 126: on otters, waterfalls and silkworms aka pocahontasing around Dalat

Good that it’s starting to rain, because the waterfalls will be even prettier! – Hania exclaimed in her very own naturally optimistic way. The weather heard and responded: “Oh, just wait to see how pretty I can make the waterfalls for you!”. And it poured.

The rainstorm and the river are my brotheeeers

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Kilometer 29 624: on the highlights and obstacles of backpacking in Vietnam

Vietnam is at the same time an easy and a difficult destination for backpackers.

Why difficult? Because the omnipresence of the motorbikes makes it difficult to hitchhike (although in theory I know we could both fit with our backpacks on a motorcycle with the driver, his family and several cats, I preferred not to try…). Because every piece of free land is used for growing rice, which likes its soil wet wet wet, ergo, making it unsuitable for camping.

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Kilometer 28 882: the private life of motorbikes

The fertile land of the Mekong Delta. Every morning hundreds of individuals crawl out from their burrows. Slowly, but with great determination, they head for places of their daily encounters. Some of them tiny, two-wheeled, others powerful, gladly using their engine whirrs to intimidate the neighbourhood. All are driven by the will to fight. The vehicle that lives through the first weeks in the urban jungle has the potential to cope in the future. Only the fit will survive.

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Lisbon Story

She’s warm, bright, joyful and tipsy on young wine. She smiles when others are angry or melancholic. She likes freshly grilled sardines, dances when others sleep and has snails with her beer. She’s my soul mate.

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Kilometer 28 046: on all that can fit on a motorbike

The land of never-ending rice paddies, triangular straw hats and 80 billion motorbikes. They are an internal part of Vietnam’s panoramas and the easiest and most available mean of transport, both passenger and cargo one. Let’s have some fun today and choose the least typical moto cast. Put on you visualization glasses and off we go!

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12 moments from 12 months of round-the-world travel

Yes! That’s that! A year ago we left home and were standing in Kosciuszki street with our thumbs up. 12 months later and I’m sitting in Kuala Lumpur, drinking coconut water and wondering whether I should have Indian or Chinese for lunch. Oh, the adventures that we had! Sure thing – today must be all about anniversary memories :). Let me tell you about our top moments.

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Kilometer 27 574: vaccine for China

I started queuing for the fourth time at the same railway station. The first counter wouldn’t serve foreigners, the second one wouldn’t use a translator and the third one would only sell a ticket to a traveller presenting a valid passport. The valid passport was currently in the Vietnamese consulate, three blocks away. Nothing surprised me.

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What not to pack?

There are various schools telling you how to pack – some people start two weeks early and a while before setting off don’t remember what they had already thrown into their backpack, so they just end up throwing everything in once again, just in case. Others gaze at their wardrobe for so long that finally they just toss half of it into their luggage, as it comes.

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